5 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young


The transition from childhood to adulthood can be difficult. From finding a place to hunker down and call home to scheduling loan payments, there’s always that dreaded question: what comes next? But when speaking to older generations about traveling, there is a chorus of do it while you’re young!

Whether you are young or young at heart, here are 5 reasons to listen to Grandma and go!


1) Travel is the best teacher

Learn about the world around you and learn about yourself. When you travel, You will build problem solving skills and learn how to work through situations that would have once seemed overwhelming. You’ll discover things you never knew you about foreign cities, like where to get the best fries in Belgium. You also learn things you never knew about yourself, like you really can find your hostel in the rain at 3 A.M or you really do have a passion for working with children. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something new.

2) Find inspiration

While you are out globetrotting you are gaining experience that can shape your future and send your life in a different, more fulfilling direction you never would have considered. Not ready to completely change your life? A nice trip is a great way to get away, press the refresh button and return with a clean slate. If you are already feeling personally and professionally fulfilled, travel is a great way to gain fresh perspective and feel grateful for the world around you.

3) No time like the present, especially if and when you have school breaks

There a certain advantages to being in college or a new grad; one of these advantages is either having college breaks or being at a stage in life where you can take a break from work and explore the world. It may sound cliché, but take advantage of those times because they are fleeting and you will miss them when they’re gone (and when you have a family, are trying to buy a house, and have a whole ton of other adult responsibilities).

4) Networking

Whether you are staying at a hostel meeting like-minded individuals or visiting foreign missions there is never a shortage of people to talk to while traveling. Maybe you will be making a connection with someone who lives near your home and knows of a job opening or maybe you will find an organization that you never knew existed that matches your passion and interests. Or maybe you will find a friend for life that has a summer home on Lake Cuomo, the possibilities are endless!

5) Who needs a reason?

Life is short, why not go? Jobs will be there when you get back. You will be surprised at how supportive people can be. Not everyone will understand, but not everyone needs to. Get out there and breathe the air of new places. Leave your comfort zone literally and figuratively - you will be glad you did.