What Are You Willing to Do for Education?

Pangea Educational Development is excited to announce a new movement to transform the lives of entire communities through education.

Imagine entering a classroom as a teacher, only to find that you don’t have textbooks for your lesson. You make a sacrifice and purchase a few using your salary to ensure that your students will learn in the best way possible. Consider your life as a student, and how you would have learned differently if you grew up without reading books at home. As a parent, you sacrifice to ensure that you can learn as much as you can during school hours.

Each day, individuals make countless sacrifices in pursuit of a quality education. But what if they didn’t have to make these difficult decisions? PED wants to equip schools and the teachers and students within them with the resources they need to continue growing through education.

The power to change the lives of students and teachers in Uganda is in your hands. Your moment is now. What are you willing to do for education?

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