Anna's Story:



Meet Anna. As an elementary school teacher, Anna loves exposing her students to local culture and service-learning opportunities. She was interested in learning more about what education looked like throughout the world, so she decided to join PED in Uganda. “It was a really fresh perspective on 20-somethings doing something. Our generation often gets a bad rep for not doing anything. This was just a very genuine experience.”

After her two week trip with PED, Anna found inspiration from the students and teachers she met in PED’s partner schools and was humbled by the opportunity to immerse herself in the culture, “I learned about what service truly meant. And then I thought more about the importance of creating an authentic learning experience for my students.” Anna’s trip rejuvenated her sense of purpose in teaching, “It reignited the fire to get back to my students and my own classroom, and I keep thinking, ‘Man, I can’t wait to get back to work again.’”

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