Are You Willing?

Just over a week ago, we announced our first major fundraising campaign, “What Are You Willing to Do for Education?” to support PED programming in Uganda for the next three years. Our goal is to raise $80,000 and invest that money in:

  • constructing a library at each of our four partner schools equipped with books and other learning resources for students and teachers
  • four professional development sessions per year geared towards training teachers at our partner schools on best practices for student learning
  • equipping three of our partner schools for access to computers
  • providing electricity at Awach Secondary School and St. James to assist in computer implementation
  • extracurricular programs for students, such as a health club, book club, and social entrepreneur club
  • tripling our Uganda staff to continue building capacity and expanding operations
  • sustaining in-country operations

And in a week, we’ve already raised $5,000 towards this goal and seen tremendous support from PED supporters. From past volunteers who are hosting bike rides in Los Angeles and Chicago, to a board member who is gearing up for his comedy performance, we have been incredibly humbled by just how many individuals have recognized the importance of investing in education for students everywhere.

If you’d like to invest in students and their education, strengthen communities, and create opportunity for brighter futures, join us. It’s never too late to make an impact.



I Want to Invest in Education