Cody's Story



This is Cody. A recent college graduate from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Cody is passionate about music and performing arts. He thinks of music as an international language, “I sing opera, so a lot of times when I’m listening to an opera, it’s in foreign languages. I can’t always understand every word that they are saying, but just through emotion and inflection in the voice, you can feel the energy.”

After traveling with PED to Uganda for the first time, Cody was able to feel a similar energy while watching the students of Awach perform traditional songs and dance. Cody credits his experience in Uganda with motivating him to continue to work hard toward his musical ambitions, “They have a lot of drive, and it’s just so inspiring.” While Cody found himself reinvigorated with his passion for music, he also learned more about what it means to be truly resourceful, humble, and of course, inspired.

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