It's World Water Day!


This World Water Day, we raise awareness of the 748 million people throughout the world living without access to clean water. Organizations like Charity:Water and, whose sole missions are to provide communities with access to clean water,

But here at PED want to raise awareness of how clean water access not only impacts communities, but the schools and students within them.


Imagine this:

You are a student who wakes up in the early morning hours to prepare for school. Before you are even able to depart, you are responsible for fetching the day's clean water for your family. The closest well is miles away, and the sun has not yet come up. The conditions become increasingly dangerous if you are a female.

You arrive at school and, throughout the day, need to use the facilities. The school does not have access to clean water, so lavatories used by students are not properly equipped with sanitary means to rid of waste or hygienic ways to clean. The unsafe or unclean conditions cause you to be fearful of using the bathroom, or the bacteria in these areas could cause you to become ill.


Access to clean water means access to quality education. It eliminates the barriers that cause students to stop attending school.


So what is PED doing this World Water Day? Take a look at the work we're doing, in partnership with the GoAbroad Foundation, to bring clean water to St. James Primary School and the entire Katale community.