Jaclyn's Story:


This is Jaclyn. Spend a few minutes engaged in conversation and her passion for global health is clear. After reading a book on the topic her freshman year of college, Jaclyn knew that she had found her niche, “[The organization I read about] proved that you can provide world class treatment in resource poor settings; they proved that honoring the inherent human dignity of every human being is not only an ideal, but a measurable outcome through pragmatic solidarity.”

Jaclyn wanted to see global health in action, so she chose to take a trip to Uganda with PED. “Health is not explicitly in PED's mission, yet education and sustainability will increase the population health of the communities we serve. The future of global health will focus on sustainability and comprehensiveness rather than being grant and disease specific.”

 If you’re ready to join the PED family by serving in Uganda, or if you are simply looking for more information on PED’s volunteer program, visit us at www.pangeaeducation.org/volunteer