Kate's Story:


Meet Kate. As a sociology student at DePaul University, Kate has always been interested in the dynamic and diverse relationships between individuals. With a passionate heart and the desire to serve, Kate decided to volunteer with PED and take her first international adventure. “I felt that I couldn't miss this opportunity to truly understand service - to experience something that could change the way I look at my surroundings.”

Kate didn’t want to wait until after she graduated to travel, so she joined PED for four weeks in Uganda. “The most challenging thing for me was sustaining the strength to be so far away from the people in my life who constantly know how I'm feeling.” Facing this challenge head on allowed Kate to immerse herself in a rich culture full of inspiring individuals. Kate learned from the students and staff of PED’s partner schools the true meaning of determination, community, and compassion. “The trip was nothing short of inspirational - I've come to learn that inspiration can come in a multitude of ways, and when you least expect it.”

If you’re ready to join the PED family by serving in Uganda, or if you are simply looking for more information on PED’s volunteer program, visit us at www.pangeaeducation.org/volunteer