Kortney's Story:


Say hello to Kortney. She’s an aspiring writer with a bucket-list of ambition. As a recent college graduate, Kortney was faced with the inevitable question: what’s next? And after three years of inventing excuses to pass up on a trip with PED, she dreamt herself all the way to Uganda. “I had loans and was in the midst of several job applications, but I chose to follow my intuition and it led me right where I need to be.”

Seeing PED’s holistic income-generating plans in practice enlightened Kortney’s perspectives on sustainable development and inspired her to redefine her vision and purpose. Serving in Uganda with PED drove Kortney’s ambitions so much that she wanted to extend the duration of her service in Uganda.

What’s Kortney’s advice? “Life is messy. Don’t wait to go on a trip until you’re ready because you’ll probably be waiting for forever.”

If you’re ready to join the PED family by serving in Uganda, or if you are simply looking for more information on PED’s volunteer program, visit us at www.pangeaeducation.org/volunteer