Our first Collaborative Development Conference

On August 16th-17th 2014, PED gathered leaders from Awach Secondary School, St. James Primary, Gulu Remand Home, and Tooro High School for the Collaborative Development Conference (CDC) with a single purpose: promoting collaboration between schools to improve student success.

As PED’s first professional development conference, the CDC is a way to empower local school leaders. Bringing these individuals to the forefront of the conversation redefines the way professional development traditionally takes place in schools and promotes the sharing of valuable insights -- which are both key factors to future sustainable success. The conversations in August focused on sharing the successes occurring at each school, identifying potential solutions to current problems, effectively working with vulnerable children, and improving and maintaining income-generating projects.

By the end of the conference, each school outlined an action plan they could take back and begin implementing. At the end of October, PED will follow up with each school to continue monitoring progress. But the conversations won’t end there. Through continued collaboration, teachers from each school have created a supportive, country-wide network to tap into when they face their next challenge or are ready to share their next great idea.


Here are a few of the individuals and conversations that inspired us: