PEDAL Crew Takes On Year 2 of Supporting PED!


Steve Tiseo is no stranger to the PED family. With co-founder Drew Edwards as his cousin, hearing about PED and its mission wasn’t anything new, until he met the rest of the PED team. “I was really impressed with how passionate each member of the organization was and how much of an impact they had, even when they sometimes lacked resources.”

Steve decided that he wanted to invest in PED’s mission and ensure that these resources were provided. Thus began PEDAL.

To Steve, PED is all about reaching out and utilizing communities and networks to move its mission forward.  PEDAL takes that same approach.  We connect riders through social rides and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone a bit and challenge themselves to ride further than they are used to.

PEDAL’s first ride took place last December with about 12 riders raising nearly $8,000 to help fund the piggery project at the Gulu Remand Home. This year, the crew hopes to raise $5,000 with two shorter Bike & Brew rides. “We’re hoping to build our cycling community through a number of social rides, which will lead to another multi-day ride up the coast next spring,” says Tiseo.

Want to support this incredible group of riders? Check out their ride options and join them! And for those who aren’t serious bikers, Steve says not to worry. “This is not a race by any means! We’d rather have 20 people finish together… we really want this to be more about the experience.”


Help spread the word for this incredible group!