Ryan's Story:

Say hello to Ryan. Anyone who meets him is immediately drawn to his large smile and his captivating laugh. Ryan is a special education teacher who is passionate about serving his students in every way possible. His commitment to education is what immediately drew him to PED: “There is no greater fulfillment than the opportunity to work with one another for a shared cause.” Ryan first traveled with PED during the summer of 2013, and after his first experience in Uganda, he couldn’t imagine his summers without it. He then continued to support PED's mission through events like PEDAL.

Ryan found inspiration from talking to the teachers at PED’s partner schools, who work constantly to provide their students with the best possible opportunities. “I was able to learn more about what has inspired the staffs of our school to pursue a career in education and how they inspire youth to contribute to their society in a positive way.”

If you’re ready to join the PED family by serving in Uganda, or if you are simply looking for more information on PED’s volunteer program, visit us at www.pangeaeducation.org/volunteer