Thank You for Sustaining Change!

“Sustaining Change: A Shared Vision” was a night to remember. Each year, we gather at this event to celebrate the accomplishments of our annual volunteer trips and thank the volunteers and supporters who made them possible. With some delicious snacks, lots of laughs, and just a little bit of dancing, we couldn’t have planned a better evening spent with our family and our closest friends.

When we think about the beginning of our organization, it’s incredible to realize just how far PED has come. From three young men with a single vision to over 200 volunteers who have served in Uganda to promote sustainable education, we’ve witnessed the power of passion, hard work, and love. During the event, co-founder Andy Bauer shared just a few truly incredible measures of our methodology:

  • In 2015, 60% of Tooro High School’s annual budget will come from PED projects.
  • Enrollment at St. James Primary School has grown 200% since partnering with PED.
  • The chicken coop project at Gulu Remand home provides enough income to staff an educational instructor and fund additional continuing expansion of the project.

It’s true successes of our mission like these that motivates us to work even harder as we move forward.

And most importantly -- thanks. Thank you to our incredible supporters who encourage us to dream just a little bit bigger and push us to think even larger. Thank you for making our jobs fun and worthwhile. Thank you for making our impact in Uganda that much more meaningful.