Things That Inspire Us: Humans of New York

In this series, we highlight organizations, causes, or current events that impact the way we view our world. Take a closer look and support positive change.

There’s nothing like harnessing the power of the internet for social good. This week, we’ve been tracking the stories from Mott Hall Bridges Academy being featured on Humans of New York.

We have found inspiration from teachers like Ms. Leburn, who strive to ensure that all of her students can advocate for themselves and their needs, both in and out of the classroom. We have seen stories from students such as Vidal, who used to be a troublemaker before his principal motivated him to find his true potential. Above all, we were encouraged by the thousands of people who chose to show their support by fundraising money to send these middle school students on a tour of Harvard University.

Proof that there is nothing we can’t do if we simply put our minds and our hearts into it.