Things That Inspire Us: PED MSU

In this series, we highlight organizations, causes, or current events that impact the way we view our world. Take a closer look and support positive change.


It’s common to feel like the world is too big a place to make any real change or any true difference. Last weekend revealed that nothing is further from the truth.

On Saturday, April 11, three PED staff members made the three-and-a-half hour trek to Michigan to join the Michigan State University (MSU) college chapter of PED at its first Gala “Making Waves.” Amongst the 40-plus individuals in attendance, there was one emotion shared by all: passion.

From the speeches of chapter presidents to video that showed how members supported their local school communities, it was clear how hard every member of PED-MSU had worked to make waves within their college community, their local community, and in the communities that PED serves in Uganda.

Beyond the already committed club members were friends, family, fellow students and faculty, who joined the PED family in an evening focused on celebrating the success of the chapter, sharing the value behind PED’s mission, and starting a scholarship fund that will help PED-MSU members take service trips to Uganda with PED.


Thank you, PED MSU, for reminding us that all it takes is a few: a few individuals who are committed, passionate, and eager to change the world about them. A few who can draw in
individuals from all different backgrounds, all different interests, and all different ages to support PED’s mission to empower communities through sustainable education.

Thank you.