Things That Inspire Us: Unearth the World

In this series, we highlight organizations, causes, or current events that impact the way we view our world. Take a closer look at Unearth the World and support positive change.


Volunteering is gaining traction in our world. Not only do people simply like to be do-gooders within their communities, but reports are finding that volunteering is a marketable skill for employment and more companies are starting to provide employees with volunteer days in their yearly work schedule.

Our volunteers not only help to sustain our programs in Uganda, but they also help our organization to continue its operations in the United States.

But we found that it was important to stop ourselves and ask: is volunteering more about us, or the people we are serving?


Our friends at Unearth The World helped us to answer that question. With a mission to help volunteers find more meaningful experiences grounded in cross-cultural learning, Unearth The World seeks to ensure that volunteer experiences are not simply created for the volunteer. Rather, they are community-driven projects that are mutually beneficial for both the volunteer and the community.

With a similar mission and shared values, PED is proud to support Unearth The World’s volunteer projects and their sustainable volunteer mission.