Top 10 Must Haves for Surviving Long Travel

You just found out you’ll be going on the trip of a lifetime. You’ve got all of your bags packed and your itinerary is full. Only, there’s one problem: you looked at your flight information and found out you are in for a rude awakening. Your travel times are high and your layover times are long.

Here’s a list of the top 10 must haves for surviving long travel:

1) Headphones and music device of choice: Sometimes, you just want to zone to a different place. Plug in your headphones and let the music take you to wherever you want. Whether you’re looking to fall asleep or get some work done, your music can help you to dictate your mood. Use it wisely.

2) Portable battery: For charging every device, anytime, bring a portable battery. Music devices, laptops, phones, and cameras can all be charged using one portable battery. Most can be purchased for under $30 and offer up to 8 hours of charge. It’s a simple fix to avoid the long lines at charging stations in airports and prevent feeling tied down to where you can sit.

3) An eReader: Books are a great way to fill long periods time. Nothing can replace the cracking of the spine on a new book or the scent of an old book, but unfortunately, books are heavy. Trade in the classics for a sleeker, lighter eReader.

4) Snacks on snacks: We are huge fans of Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, and M&Ms. Sometimes, after a long day, all you want is some comfort. Find comfort in your favorite snacks that will help to re-energize you.

5) A refillable water bottle: Water is life. We mean it. Long days of travel can leave you feeling dehydrated, especially because you oftentimes forget to incorporate drinking water into your routine. Bring a water bottle that you can fill in the airport and other pit stops. Flight attendants have to satisfy your request of filling your bottle, and it’s better than gulping down those small cups they provide. But of course, ask nicely.

6) Baby wipes: Nothing is worse than feeling dirty and smelly while being cooped up in a small space. If you’re looking for a fresh feeling, baby wipes are a great fix in a tricky situation and can serve you well in different situations later in your travels.

7) Neck pillow: We know, they look dorky. But when you’re traveling for long periods of time, sometimes you need to put aside your pride for a few decent hours of sleep. Add a face mask to darken your world and you won’t even be able to tell whether people are looking at you or not.

8) Layers. Lots of them. You never know what to expect. You board in a cold blizzard in Chicago and end up in a layover in the humid air of a completely different continent. You open the air vents of the plane or the window of the van for some fresh air and quickly become cold. Bring a small blanket, a light sweater, and other layering options to optimize your comfort.

9) Post-its and pens: Nothing beats a game of Post-its. Have your friends write names of celebrities, movies, famous historical figures, or anyone else that comes to mind. Stick the Post-It on your head and then ask yes/no questions to help you figure out who or what is on your forehead. You won’t stop laughing. We promise.

Plus, use the pens to help you fill out your travel forms and customs sheets!

10) Your sense of humor: A long day of travel is hard for everyone, especially if you’re not getting as much sleep as usual. Everyone you are traveling with is in the same position as you are. Keep your spirits high and remember the destination is not too far away.