Volunteering Helps Stand Out to Companies


In a tough, competitive job market, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. While volunteering is mostly about providing ancillary services to a cause you care about, it can also help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the field.


Employers aren’t looking for candidates who are concerned solely with the timesheet. Documenting your volunteer experiences gives them a glimpse into your passions. Passions which, hopefully, carry over into the workplace. It signals that you’re able to collaborate efficaciously, an imperative quality in successful companies. All things being equal, a candidate with volunteer experience looks exponentially better than one without.


Given how busy many of us are, it’s important to note that volunteering doesn’t have to be a full time gig. Websites like Volunteer Match can help you find the right cause and activities to fit your schedule. You can also contact your charity or cause of choice directly. Non-profits are always in need of helping hands, whether its in the field or in an administrative role.


Many organizations, including PED, are looking for help from working professionals in a variety of fields. Non-profits, like most major corporations, need effective marketers, project managers, accountants, and the like. Most likely, you can afford to give up an occasional weekend to serve your cause of choice. This advice is even more appropriate if you’re unemployed or a new graduate. Potential employers like to know that you haven’t been stagnant. Volunteer work indicates that your unfortunate state isn’t due to a lack of hard work. It’s a great way to enhance or develop your skills in your prospective field of employment.

Want to volunteer with PED but don’t know where to start? Contact board member Adam at adambauer@pangeaeducation.org.

Feature photo: "Resume" by Flazingo Photos