We are Ready for Summer! See What We're Up To!

This summer, our volunteers are traveling across the globe to join our team in Uganda to further PED’s mission of helping schools to become more sustainable. Not only will these individuals be inserting themselves into a completely new culture and have an experience of a lifetime, but during the two weeks they are in Uganda, they’ll be rolling up their sleeves and working hands-on on two projects that benefit our partner schools. Here’s a look at what they’ll be working on:


Awach Secondary School

In 2014, we worked with World Aid Now to fund the construction of the girls dormitory at Awach Senior Secondary School. The project was originally created to increase access to secondary education for girls in Gulu District and in the immediate area of Awach. Since the project’s implementation there has been a 41 percent increase in female student attendance. This summer, with support from Girls Rights Project, we will be constructing a proper sanitation facility complete with toilet and washing amenities to complete the final phase of the dormitory. Without this structure, the 32 female students who are boarding at the school would otherwise walk a further distance in the dark, which puts them at risk for safety, especially during evening hours. This addition not only increases the health and safety for this female population, but ensures that their minds can be focused on their education.



Collaborative Development Conference

Last year we introduced the inaugural Collaborative Development Conference to give teachers the opportunity to share best practices and build positive relationships with other leaders at PED partner schools. On July 13th, teachers from St. James, Gulu Remand Home, Awach Secondary, and Tooro High School  will join together at PEDquarters Uganda for our next edition of the professional development conference.

This year’s conference will focus on teaching methods as well as effective project management and business development. Our summer volunteers, who have backgrounds in education, will be able to work alongside Ugandan teachers to talk about best practices, student engagement techniques, assessing student learning, and monitoring student learning. The training will equip teachers of both cultures with new skills to be more effective with all types of learners in their classrooms. In addition, teachers serving as project managers at our partner schools will build business skills to continue and grow the success of their income-generating projects, like the St. James Water Project or the piggery at the Gulu Remand Home.


We hope that you’ll join us in seeing this pivotal projects grow this summer through updates here, on our blog, or through our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.