Welcome Nathan, PED's New Uganda Program Director

After much searching we are proud to announce that we have hired our first Ugandan Program Director, Okiror Nathan!

Nathan will be working alongside us in our Ugandan offices beginning in May. Along with helping us refine our mission and connect with communities, his main focus will be the success of our Phase 2 Income Generating Projects at PED partner schools. He will be traveling often, collecting data, and checking in on communities to make sure that the projects are meaningful and successful for the schools.

PED’s model thrives on sustainability. We believe that projects and people need to be able to sustain themselves in order to be truly successful, which is why we seek sustainability in every avenue of our work.

One of the sustainable layers that PED helps provide for schools is a release of responsibility. This means that PED acts as an advisor and discourages a dependency on donors and relationships that might not be around forever. This year we looked at this layer not only for PED schools but for PED as an organization as well. In order to truly embody our mission, PED must become sustainable itself. The first step in doing so is building our future in Uganda alongside innovative local leadership - which led us to search for individuals like Nathan.

Hiring a Program Director is a huge step for PED. Ugandan operations will rest in the hands of Ugandans who have been a part of the community and the school system for far longer than we have. Now, more than ever before, there will be more voices at the table and more ideas coming from a wide variety of people.

We are excited and looking towards our future, and we are so happy that Nathan will play such a large role in guiding that future!

We have many more stories to tell, and we are delighted to continue sharing them with you. Stay tuned for an interview with Nathan himself and discover what drove him to join the PED family.