Awach Piggery: Education Beyond the Classroom

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


So the saying goes. But what happens when you give a female student in Uganda a piglet and teach her the entrepreneurial skills to grow her own small business? Empowerment.

PED recently launched a piggery project at Awach Secondary School with two goals in mind: developing an additional income for the school while also creating a sustainable scholarship program for vulnerable female students affected by HIV/AIDS.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The school currently has 8 female pigs and 2 male pigs

  2. After one year, the female pigs will give birth to piglets: up to 100 in total!

  3. Some pigs and piglets will be sold in the local market at profit directly benefiting the school and furthering its strategic development plan; some piglets will be provided to five select girls attending the school

  4. These students will be trained on piggery management, entrepreneurship, and business management skills in order to care for their piglet and nurse it

  5. When these pigs are of age, the student will bring it back to the school to be fertilized, resulting in new piglets being born

  6. The student will continue to care for these new piglets and be able to raise them, sell them, and continue to breed them; the student will also provide one of these piglets to another female student at the school and mentor her in taking care of the piglet to begin her own

  7. The money earned by these female students will provide them a scholarship to ensure continued attendance at school while also providing them the hands-on skills they need to succeed in their communities and the leadership experience to thrive at Awach

Want to see projects like this grow? By donating just $10 a month, we can ensure that more vulnerable girls are completing school and being trained with the skills they need to grow their business and their leadership. Fund sustainable education today.