PED + GoAbroad Foundation Partner to Complete St. James Library

St. James Primary School was founded with a single mission: provide a quality and affordable education for students in the Wakiso community. Each day, students walk down the hill of St. James with their notepad and pencil in hand, prepared for the challenge of another day’s learning. As teachers greet students and begin lessons and activities, incorporating songs and games to engage students, there is something noticeably missing: books.

PED is excited to partner with the GoAbroad Foundation to complete the construction of the library at St. James Primary and increase access to books for students, teachers, and community members.

The library will help St. James to foster a love for reading while improving literacy skills and learning outcomes for students, inviting parents and community members to be a part of the school culture. It will also allow the school to acquire national registration, reducing testing fees for students and increasing the affordability of their education.

The transformation of St. James is nothing short of incredible. Since 2011, the school has grown from a single structure to a multi-block classroom facility with over double the amount of students. With the successful introduction of two income-generating projects, the school now has enough income to sustain its operations entirely on its own. That transformation can continue with your generous support and your belief in the power of education.


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