Gulu Remand Home

Gulu Remand is a youth detention facility in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda. It houses children accused of crimes as they await trial in the ministry of justice. The students spend between 6-12 weeks at the facility, leaving them otherwise without access to family and educational services. In December 2012, PED established a chicken coop at a Gulu Remand—a sustainable microfinance project used to fund a full-time teacher.  

PED Projects


Population Served: All Students

Rationale: The piggery project at Gulu Remand Home was constructed as an additional income-generating project to help the school maintain its facilities while also providing an opportunity for students to learn vocational skills in animal care and health, project maintenance, and business. The piggery currently has six pigs being cared for by the school.


Population Served: All Students

Rationale: Gulu Remand received a water tank from the UN that had gone unused for two years.  PED helped Gulu Remand build a water collection system to fill in the tank and give the remand home clean running water.


Population Served: All Students

Rationale: Along with the piggery, the chicken coop is a sustainable business project used as part of the students’ vocational training at the remand home. Students tend the chickens twice a day, learning how to maintain the animals  The income generated from the chicken coop and the piggery project pays for a full time teacher. Upon leaving the remand home, three students have already either managed or started their own poultry projects.


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