Holiday Interventions

Holiday interventions are aimed at providing strategic, targeted interventions for in-school learners to prevent learning stagnation and improve concept gaps. Holiday interventions have manifested with a range from a literacy focus to a Girls STEM Camp.


Sodas & Stories

Sodas & Stories is a recurring community-wide event aimed at creating intergenerational interaction around literacy through the telling of oral folklore. From elders to children, formal folklore and self-produced content are shared at our Sodas and Stories events.  


Mothers Literacy Program

Coming Soon: The Mothers Literacy Program is an intervention aimed to provide literacy training and early child development sensitization to mothers with children from birth to infancy. The program will be a place both Mothers and children practicipate in programing at the centre as well as bring the lessons home.



CENTRAL: Katale, Wakiso

The Twesomese Community Centre in Katale hosts literacy learning programming for children in and out of school as well as adults. The centre also offers holiday subject interventions such as our Girls STEM Program.


WEST: Fort Portal, Kabarole

A collaboration between PANGEA and partner Big Spit Co-Operative, uses music, radio production, and dance to promote literacy in a relevant and fresh way.


W. NILE: Imvepi Refugee Camp

Coming soon: our collaboration with Xavier Project to support a community led centre for formal and informal learning in the Imvepi Refugee Camp.