The World is Full of Untold Stories

What children read shapes their view of the world. 

This project aims to provide culturally relevant reading material for Ugandan children while sharing the vibrant traditions and lessons of Ugandan folk stories with children globally. In many countries, like Uganda, children don’t have consistent access to reading material and books they do have are not culturally representative. There is little opportunity for young readers to see themselves in the pages.

Our books aren't just about helping far away, though. This lack of representation also limits us outside of Uganda, many half-way around the world, from sharing in and understanding a rich history and culture different from our own. Each book is loaded with questions and activities from the stories to engage with Uganda however far away you are.

We seek to change that. 

Pangea Publishing has been creating children's books from Ugandan folk stories. We have done so by recording, dictating and translating, illustrating, and publishing these stories. These stories will be the foundation for a series of culturally diverse children’s books printed in Uganda to share here and to bring to the rest of the world.

How Your Book Does Good

Mobile Libraries

These book subscriptions will be distributed via a mobile (bicycle & motorcycle) library - a service that provides new reading materials to learners every two weeks. Mobile libraries

  • Create Access: By going to readers we get to more readers and extend access beyond school walls to aid learners in after-school learning as well as out-of-school learning.

  • Provide Choice: Learner curiosity is the most important factor in literacy development. Mobile libraries provide learners with a wide choice of texts, including ones that they can identify with. 

  • Build Reading Culture: Our mobile libraries create a routine of reading through bimonthly visits.