Tooro High School

Founded in 2003, Tooro High School is located in the Fort Portal municipality of Western Uganda. The school admits both boys and girls to daytime and overnight boarding sessions. Most of the students are either orphans or vulnerable young people seeking a better future, and they have created a vibrant learning community. Tooro’s student population has almost tripled in the time PED has partnered with the school. The students and teachers have made a number of sustainability projects a success, including a computer lab and a chicken coop.

Tooro Enrollment

PED Projects

Computer Lab

Population Served: Entire Community

Rationale:  To help expand the ability for every student to have access to the internet and computer literacy skills, PED invested in an internet lab fully equipped with computers, furniture, and WIFI. 

Soccer and Netball Jerseys

Population Served: 25 students

Rationale: PED teamed up with American Airlines and the Chicago Fire to supply the Tooro soccer and netball teams with custom jerseys. Since athletic teams are a staple of the school and local community, student athletes can share their pride in their school through wearing their uniforms.

Text Books

Population Served: All Students

Rationale: PED worked with leaders at the school to purchase the curricular materials necessary for learning to occur according to the Ugandan Secondary standards. Students now have access to a full array of textbooks in the Tooro Library, which is managed by student leaders. According to a 2015 survey conducted, students believes this project has been the most impactful on the school environment.

Chicken Coop

Population Served: All Students

Rationale: To help provide a sustainable income, PED has invested in a poultry project.  These chicks will later be sold in the community to generate income for the school.

Housemother and Perimeter Wall

Population Served: Female Students

Rationale: Tooro High School has a dormitory available to its female students to board on campus. To help ensure the safety and health of Tooro High's female population, PED constructed a housemother house and perimeter wall. The housemother, who lives on the school grounds full-time, serves as a mentor and role model to the female students, offering academic and counseling support and attending to the girls’ needs.

Testing Center

Population Served: All Students

Rationale: Tooro leaders recognized that their students needed an affordable option for taking their national leaving examinations. Previously, students used to pay a fee to sit for the exam at another location; now, students are able to sit for the exam at Tooro as a result of a classroom renovation into a convertible testing space. Since its construction, the school has seen a 48% increase in students sitting for and passing their national exams.