TEACHERS FOR TEACHERS We believe teachers are the solution to the Global Learning Crisis, not the problem. Teachers for Teachers brings the expertise of teachers together to improve learning in Ugandan classrooms. Volunteer teachers collaborate with Ugandan teachers to practically practice literacy instruction concepts they are learning in our teacher training program. While volunteer teachers have a lot to share, we believe they will learn a lot and build friendships with their Ugandan colleagues that will impact their own practice as well. Learn about the phases of our program below, from Learning, to Co-Teaching, and Planning below.


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1] LEARNING We believe our partner teachers know their context and their classroom best. Volunteers start by immersing themselves in the classroom and gaining an understanding of the challenges and strengths of the community they are serving. There is a lot to learn from the incredible work teachers are doing here with few resources. This time also allows volunteers and teachers to build relationships and learn about each other.                                                                                  


PANGEA COMMUNITY CENTRES host literacy programming for students and families afterschool and on weekends and holidays. Work alongside our staff on our Mothers Literacy, Sodas & Stories, or Weekend Learning programs at our Twesomese Community Centre.

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2] CO-TEACHING We compliment yearlong static sessions with this immersive co-teaching experience with Volunteer Teachers. Volunteers Teachers co-teach with Ugandan Teachers, aiming to develop effective practices in literacy instruction that work in their classrooms. Volunteer Teachers will have the chance to teach classes as they model best practices from their own classrooms and support teachers by serving as their classroom aids.                                      

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MOBILE LIBRARIES are a library service on wheels aimed to bring more reading materials into homes to develop a culture of literacy. Join our staff as they deliver books and work with parents on building and strengthening home literacy practices as part of our Pangea Publishing project. Forewarning: the hills are many and the bicycles are heavy.


3] PLANNING Volunteers Teachers and Ugandan Teachers will develop specific, constructive goals on both content and practice to work on improving their craft moving forward. Volunteers aim to build collegial relationships that empower and encourage each other to sustain continued growth. Our staff will incorporate this plan and serve as a support and accountability partner throughout the rest of our partnership.


Questions? Email info@pangeaeducation.org