The Passing of Time

Read more thoughts from Jess, a volunteer who has spent the past five weeks serving with PED.

Preserving Culture with Education

We've been busy working alongside Awach Secondary School to help in the construction of a stage that can be used for student performances.

Seizing Opportunities That Lie Ahead

Meet first-time volunteer Kortney, whose time in Uganda has helped her to recognize the importance of fostering relationships and acknowledging opportunities.

Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Meet Ryan, whose second experience at Awach Secondary School has reminded him of the value of love.

Celebrating Freedom

Take a look at how we celebrate the Fourth of July while being over 7,000 miles away from home.

The Impact of One

Meet Kate, a first-time PED volunteer who is discovering how music and dance can transcend cultures.

What PED Does


Sustaining Education

We are Pangea Educational Development, but you can call us PED for short. Our mission is to empower students and unite communities through the development of sustainable school sites in under-resourced areas – from Uganda to Michigan to Illinois, with an ever-growing reach. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential resources to schools and creating sustainable education programs that ensurethe wellbeing of students around the world.

Building Relationsips