It’s World Water Day!

What kind of impact does clean water have on educational quality? A big one.

Ryan’s Story:

This special education teacher recognizes the value of education for every student in every country.

Melissa’s Story:

How one volunteer was inspired to expand her global perspective by serving in Uganda with PED.

Cody’s Story:

This recent college graduate was inspired by the passion and energy of the students and staff in Uganda.

Kortney’s Story:

Meet the PED volunteer who believes in seizing the moment with a trip to Uganda.

East Aurora Students Raise Money for PED

A group of students came together to raise almost $4,000 for PED projects.

What PED Does


Sustaining Education

We are Pangea Educational Development, but you can call us PED for short. Our mission is to empower students and unite communities through the development of sustainable school sites in under-resourced areas – from Uganda to Michigan to Illinois, with an ever-growing reach. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential resources to schools and creating sustainable education programs that ensurethe wellbeing of students around the world.

Building Relationsips